Wednesday, January 12, 2005

WMDs, Kid Rock and Racism.

So the search for WMD in Iraq is over.

What I find amazing about the whole deal is not only did every Intelligence Agency in the world believe they had them, but so did almost everyone in Iraq's own government. There are a couple of things that could have happened.

1) They never had them.

If they never had them, why did Saddam just not let the UN have free reign to inspect the country. He could have had sanctions lifted, and he would have had us off his back. Was it something cultural that I(as a westener) just don't know about? Or is it that he still had them?

2) They still had them but under the threat of war they were moved/hidden.

Anyone remember all those pictures going around showing the nice shiney new Russian Migs with the shiney new French radar equipment found buried in the desert? Now imagine something the size of a barrel buried out's a possibility. We can't really debate on whether it's a likely possibility or not because we don't, as people outside the Intel community, have the information necessary to prove or disprove that suggestion.

Also, there are rumours circulating that, just maybe, they were transported out of Iraq into Syria or Becka Valley. The same problem above presents itself to this possibility as well.

What's the answer? What happened? We don't know, but if he did have them we need to find them before they fall into the wrong hands.

There's been a lot of hub bub about Kid Rock wearing an American flag as a shirt lately. To me it's just foolish. Who cares if he wears the flag as a shirt? I've seen American flag bathing suits, business suits, t-shirts, ect. For most people wearing them, they do so because they are proud Americans.

Really, it depends on why they wear them, not how. As a member of the Armed Forces, I'm certianly not upset when seeing people wearing clothing made from a US flag pattern. What would upset me is if they were wearing it to belittle our country not for the act itself.

I think of it this way. Protesters against a war we're engaged in burn a US flag to show their hatred for our me, that's traitorous. On the other hand, War Protesters flying an American flag at a rally shows that while against our policy, they still support the nation as a whole. Both sides are using the flag, one doing it distastefully, the other not. And while I may disagree with why they are protesting, I would view each group differently.

One last thing. Racial profiling...and not the way we all think of it.

I'm talking about how the left believes that if a minority American isn't liberal then they are some how sell outs. They seem to believe that anyone belonging to a minority Ethnic or racial group isn't capable of independant thought. I can also feel this type of thinking applying to where people are from...for instance, I'm from Rhode Island...a highly Liberal state in the midst of all the other Liberal states in New England. Am I a sell out too because I don't toe the Democratic party line?

Michelle Malkin, an Asian conservative goes into greater detail about the remarks and racism that is thrown her way because she isn't automatically a liberal based on her race.


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