Thursday, March 17, 2005

Boredom ensues.

Just the way I like it. Main things I've been working on are keeping the interpreters in line and getting the paperwork together so that we can rebuild a generator for a local police station.

As the 'terp' guy, all I basically do is set the schedule for the interpreters, deal with their complaints and try to hire new ones. I'm pretty pleased with the guys we have, they are mostly hardworking and are from this area, which helps with finding things.

The police here are pretty screwed. They make about 200 dollars a month on average, all their cars are falling apart and their equipment is substandard. The ING, on the other hand, get paid about a thousand a month and have a lot better equipment. What this is doing, is causing a lot of cops to leave their jobs and join the ING. It also causes a lot of corruption, because they tend to take bribes in order to make up for their lack of pay.

We've been sending up a lot of reports regarding the police pay situation. Hopefully someone up there(higher up on the chain of command) is listening and can get the Iraqi Government to raise their pay.


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