Friday, March 25, 2005

The show.

There is this show that every Iraqi seems to be talking about. Called, 'Terrorists and Justice', I think.

Anyway, they take captured terrorists, spys and criminals and put them on TV and the Iraqi Police ask them a bunch of questions. It's on for an hour every day....9 to 10pm Iraqi Time.

The show has really influenced a lot of people who were sitting on the fence. A couple of nights ago it had someone who said he was a Syria Intelligence Colonel. His job was to pay people who carry out his orders...assassinations, disruption, stuff like that. The people seem to be furious and everytime I talk to one they want us to invade Syria as soon as possible.

Lately there's been a lot of xenophobia as well. I knew from last time that most of the people causing trouble here weren't Iraqi, but now...either because of the show, or because of the Jordanian suicide bomber who killed 150 people signing up to become police (they then showed his parents in Jordan on the local news, and they were celebrating the attack)...I don't know what exactly but the Iraqis want their border sealed shut.

There's also been a lot of last ditch type mass attacks on us recently. Which, according to 'the book' means that the insugency is on its last legs. I wonder if you're getting this news in the states...I doubt it.

I'll write more often, I promise.


At 9:20 PM, Anonymous Becky said...

They only tell us what the insurgents do, not what anyone does to combat them. Keep on giving us the truth about what is going on. I love you Bryan.


At 11:36 AM, Blogger Huntress said...

With regards to "Terrorists and Justice: Talk about "Reality TV"

Syria has done more harm than good to itself lately: the assassination in Lebanon was a tipping point. Syrian leadership is in direstraights. See what the Iraqi election has done, not just for Iraqi's, but for all Arab nations. The old guard is struggling to retain power..but its days are numbered.

Jordan has alot to be held accountable for as well...this is NOT the first time Jordians have been implicated with the insurgency.

As for the news we get stateside...hell if it wasnt for Milbloggers and Fox'd have thunk the election had been a failure..and that the insurgents were running Iraq! I think you know what my feelings are towards the MSM I've articulated them in colourful language in my I won't do it here..cause your parents shouldn't be made to listen to language that would make a Marine blush :)

Stay safe!

At 12:40 PM, Blogger BryanP said...

Hah! Huntress, it isn't that bad. My parents are normal people, their ears don't bleed if someone swears though my mom does get upset when I say the F word too many times in a row.

And thanks for writing mom, I'll try to update this more often. I'll be busy the next few days, hopefully I'll have something more to post when I get back.

At 6:11 PM, Blogger Huntress said...

LOL...well I worry if I can make Marines blush I worry about how civilians will be able to handle me......but its good to know if I slip up your Mom and Dad won't have bloody ears!

*waves to mom and dad*

I think your parents rawk, Bryan!

I want them to know that I am eternally grateful for the sacrifices that they, just like you, have made for this war on terror.

Blog when things slow down..and don't worry about content...its nice to hear about your daily routine...even if you think its boring, it's not!

Stay safe!

At 8:02 AM, Blogger CaliValleyGirl said...

You can watch those interviews online, with English subtitles at
This is the link to the interview of the Syrian Intelligence Officer:


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