Wednesday, January 19, 2005


About five days ago, I wrote up my opinion on this coward who didn't deploy with his unit when they went to Iraq. In that same opinion I brought up and example of one of my co-workers who fought to go.

Seems that they were in the same unit in Iraq and according the my co-worker, the coward has been causing trouble for quite some time.

On one of their missions they came across an old Iraqi position in a village. The Iraqis left their ammunition as they fled our oncoming forces. The ammunition was stored in civilian buildings and as my co-worker's unit arrived already three civilians had died from them trying to move the ammo to a safer place.

So, my co-worker's unit set about transporting the ammo they could move and destroying the ammo they couldn't. During that dangerous task one of the pieces of ammo they were moving exploded, injuring two soldiers moderately. (non life threatening wounds.)

So the coward, who wasn't even present or even near the incident filed a congressional report to his congressman as if just trying to get someone in trouble. Like moving ammo away from a place where already three civilians had died is a bad thing.

I really hope I never meet anyone like him during my career.


At 9:38 AM, Blogger Huntress said...

I recently wrote a post in my blog"Man Without Honour" about that coward Jeremy Hinzman who is hiding out in Toronto in a Quaker community, seeking refugee status.

This self righteous lying coward has a website, a PR agent, a draft dodging attorney who solicited Michael Moore's support, is now the darling of Al Jeezera and Islamic fundamentalists, has been accorded rockstar status amongst terrorists, while pawning himself of as Quaker who underwent a spiritual epiphany as soon as he realized he would most likely be deployed to Iraq. Like the good soldier he had been trained to be, he took pre emptive action - he applied for CO status. When that failed, he did what all cowards do, he ran away!
To Canada! ( that was just the NICER part of the post I excerpted!!)

I hope you don't run into any NCO's like Benderman during your career and Jeremy Hinzman had better hope I NEVER run into him in the streets of Toronto. I pray every nite that the Canadian gov't turns down his bogus request and sends his sorry cowardly ass back to the US to be dealt with accordingly! You know if the ass had just served his one yr jail time, and then written a book that made a shitload of money and turned into a movie deal I would have had some respect for the guy...and might have been inclined to believe he is a CO! His actions PROVE he is nothing more than a coward and a liar!


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