Monday, April 04, 2005

The past week....

....has been a fun one.

I finally got to watch that show. It was pretty good, I can see why it's the big hit on TV that it is. What they do is dedicate each show to different cells or groups they caught. Then they go over what each guy makes bombs, one is the trigger man, one procures the stuff, ect.

We lived at a local Iraqi Police station for a few days. These guys are very dedicated to the cause. They barely make any money, their equipment is substandard but their morale is high and most of them have been cops for a long time. Their Commander has been a cop for almost 30 years and he is extremely professional and competent.

Got to eat some good Iraqi food while I was there. Some roast chicken, rice, flatbread and hommus...which I used to love to put on my falafal that I used to get at that Lebanese shop on Thayer St. in Providence, RI. I haven't had the chance to get some falafal here yet but my interpreter said he was going to hook me up with some.

Otherwise we subsisted on MREs and water, which sucks but it's better than starving. The best was when we had to go visit with the IP commander and that guy knows how to feed people. He never lets your plate get less than half full.

Anyway, we were at the IP station in order to better coordinate with them for the Shia holiday, Arb'iyyin. It's a commemoration of the burial of Imam Hussian who died in battle against the reigning Caliph about 1040 years ago.

Basically the IPs, Iraqi National guard and Iraqi Army did 100% of the security. We were there just in case they needed help...which they didn't at all. They did not allow any attacks against the people. The Iraqi people should be really proud of how for these guys have gone in such a short time.

I want to write more but I think I'll hold off so I can post again sooner rather than later.


At 7:57 PM, Blogger Papa Ray said...


Keep your buds and yourself safe. I know its a strain but don't let your guard down.

Its great that the Iraqis you have seen are doing a good job. I wonder why the pay hasn't been looked up and raised. I hope it does soon. I know Cops here in the US are not paid enough, so I guess its a common failing.

Continue the mission and thanks for your blog and sharing your experience and thoughts.

It is good.

Papa Ray
West Texas

At 10:45 PM, Blogger Marlin said...

I just discovered your blog this weekend and had a great time reading your prior posts. Thanks for all the good information. Keep safe!

At 1:15 PM, Anonymous Mom said...


Happy your safe. Always thinking of you. Hey, the poop died. . remember that??


At 2:06 PM, Blogger BryanP said...

Haha! Yeah, I remember that.


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