Friday, April 15, 2005


Okay, I meant to post this earlier in the week but I got caught up in work and forgot.

But after eating dinner today I remembered.

Last week I went to Camp Victory, which is part of a huge base consisting of other camps, the Baghdad Airport and some other stuff. While there I got to eat in their dining facility. It was awesome to say the least...

They had everything conceivable, all you can eat...even ice cream and smoothies. It was almost like heaven. Our camp you get the same crap every day...steak and chicken always overcooked. Sometimes pizza...always overcooked and sometimes vegetables, either under or over cooked. Then for desert we have about three cakes to choose from...which are usually a mess because we have to serve ourselves the cake with this tiny ass fork so the slices of cake fall on the floor, in the middle of the the rest of the cake, ect.

Basically, while our chow hall is better than nothing....that's about all it's better than...nothing.

It pissed me off at first...all those Iraq they are known as FOBbits, FOB Dwellers or one I read in the paper...FOB Goblins. These are the people who actually have office hours...their offices are closed on weekends...and they never leave the camp.

Oh no, oh no they get mortared they say! It's tough being a FOBbit in the Fob shire...The camp itself is larger than Fort Drum. It's huge...the chances of a mortar round landing close enough for them to even see it is probably less than there being a hurricane in central Iraq.

Yeah yeah...they do their part. I know...I'm just venting. At least they are here and not hiding in Canada like a bunch of wussies.


At 6:40 PM, Blogger Huntress said...

And we kicked that wussies Jeremy Dinzman cowardly ass out of Canada!

note to other so called CO's aka COwards: GO ELSEWHERE....WE DON'T WANT YOU....WE HATE YOU ...WOULDN'T WANT TO DATE YOU...C YA..WOULDN'T BE YA!

You know spidey senses tell me that now matter how much better the food is at Camp Victory and how easy the FOBits have'd much rather be where you are...doing the work you're doing..the work you were trained to do!

Stay safe!

At 11:43 AM, Anonymous ZUMWALTSNAVY said...

You know wherever I've be statione the chow is the bar wihich I measure with.

I just stumbled across your Blog. It's now bookmarked.

Great writing, take care, stay frosty.


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