Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I know...it's been a while.

And even though the country is, "Amid a wave of violence" (according to the media), it's been pretty damn boring to say the least.

But there's been car bombs everywhere right!? Actually no. Though there has been some. The terrorists seem to think that by killing a bunch of people going to eat ice cream on a sunny afternoon that it will somehow make the the Iraqis want us to leave.

Let me give you the scoop of why the news reports all these attacks yet most soldiers (except the poor ones in the area I'm about to talk about) never see any.

For one thing, these terrorists want publicity. They want it bad, really bad. They don't get publicity by dying (which is what happens when they try to attack us). They don't get publicity by attacking some out of the way place though it does happen, just not everyday which is what the press seems to let on.

They get it by setting off car bombs just outside the Green Zone, and always right on time so a reporter from CNN (or where ever) can report LIVE from the scene. The reports rarely ever leave the safety of the Green Zone, and the terrorists know that. So they make sure the attacks take place within viewing distance of the hotel that all the media stay in. The media loves it too, because then they can get that shot on the balcony of their hotel with the smoke behind them.

Alright...don't get me wrong, the terrorist do do other attacks. The blow up people at funerals, eating ice cream (like I mentioned), the Iraqi Police trying to control traffic, ect. Between the attacks outside the Green Zone and the other ones spread around the country against random people, they do make a lot of noise. Just like they planned to do.

What the media never lets on is that these attacks do not really effect anything other than the opinions of Iraqis that maybe might agree with the terrorists aims. Meaning, people who didn't hate them before, are now starting to.

They are probably trying to get this publicity in order to draw in more people stupid enough to think they are actually winning here. Maybe they're running out of suicide bombers...who knows.

All I know is that the longer I'm here, the more I'm learning that the press really doesn't report the real news, it reports the news they want you to hear and form it in a way that pushes their own agenda.

I'm also sorry that I'm not writing often...actually, I am not that sorry. I'm happy, because I'm not writing means that there is nothing going on. Let's hope for some more long pauses.


At 8:15 PM, Blogger Huntress said...

Good to hear from you....I always worry when milbloggers disappear for long periods of time.

I agree with what you posit..that the terrorists strike close enough to the Green Zone to get as much Press and Coverage as they can.

Fear is their only weapon...these cowards who attack and kill children because they are too afraid to take on our troups. They try to instill fear in Iraqi's yet it is they who are most fearful. From what I understand...most of Iraq...about 80% is reasonably stable and functioning rather normally.

The interim gov't has come together regardless of the terrorists attempts to destabilize, and we, not the terrorists, are winning the hearts and minds of Iraqi's daily.

As for the MSM and the closed loop like minded choir that they preach too.....screw'em!

Stay safe!

And post more often even though nothing is going on. Thats an order or I'll make you do sit ups!!!!!

At 8:20 PM, Blogger Huntress said...

Oh if you really want to have some fun....check out The Debate Place. You can access it from my blogroll under Food For Thought...it was started by a Milblogger Christian Conservative, and a Massachusetts Democratic Atheiest Liberal in an as a place to engage is civil conversation even as they stand on opposite sides of any issue.

Its quite interesting..feeds the mind..and everyone is welcome to comment....as long as it remains civil, albeit passionate.

Its good for me..it teaches me to express myself with passion, but in a kind way. ROFL...aww who am I kidding...some ppl just need to have their asses kicked!! Anyway..come check it out and join in the debate!


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