Monday, May 23, 2005

A new sector and bad internet access.

We've moved to a new sector, our last one before going home. It's an interesting one to say the least. I'd tell you where but I'm not sure if it would be an OPSEC (Operational Security) violation or not. I'll wait till I'm home again to let you know.

Needless to say it is a lot less urban than our last sector, it is also a more Sunni area, which makes things more interesting.

There have been some great pictures taken while here, of course none of them are by me. So when I get back I'll try to get as many of them as I can and post them all, since the news doesn't like to report all the good stories I suppose I can give you a taste.

My favorite was when a Battalion of T-55 tanks from the Iraqi Army drove through our area. The Iraqi soldiers on them where cheering, waving and saluting us as they drove by. I never thought my eyes would ever get watery seeing a large group of Russian made tanks pass by me, but it did.

What made it even better is that all the people from the villages came out(remember this is a Sunni area) and cheered on the tanks as they drove by. All the children were chasing the tanks and jumping up and down.

That was a good day.


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